Principal's Message

Education today has evolved into a predominant facilitator of social and economic development of a country. It augments the cognitive skills in the people and helps in the country's sustained economic growth & sound governance. When a country concentrates on building state-of-the-art institutions with the best learning ambience, it can churn out productive scholars to shape the destiny of the nation.

Educational scenario in our country is not encouraging. It has a long way to go. Most of the schools lack basic infrastructure. In this context, the role of S.G.T.B. College for Women is unique. It is relevant, innovative and result oriented.Availability of a variety of vocational courses provides an ample opportunity to opt for subjects of choice & aptitude.A very popular saying goes"If you are planning for a year, sow wheat, if you are planning for 5 years, plant fruit trees and if you are planning for life time, spread the message of education".The College follows this dictum in letter & spirit.

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